Esthetics & Bodywork Menu of Services

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  • Signature Facial
    60 minutes | $80

    This rejuvenating facial is a full hour and includes all the elements of a luxurious European facial, from hot towels and steam, to the lifting and firming Hungarian facial massage. Arm, hand and neck massage is also incorporated. Special attention is given to the eye and lip areas. At the conclusion, a serum, eye cream and spf moisturizer appropriate for your skin type is applied. This is a good facial for first-time clients.

    Youth Shield Facial
    60 minutes | $80

    The perfect facial for clients in their 20-30’s. This facial is formulated to balance and protect the skin while fighting free radicals. The antioxidant rich ingredients help minimize inflammation, repair sun damage and moisturize while keeping breakouts at bay.Ideal for combination & normal skin types.Naturally derived red currant, elderflower and magnolia bark increases hydration, enhances skin vitality and improves skin elasticity.

    Chocolate & Cherries Jubilee Facial
    60 minutes | $80

    Experience a delicious offering of Chocolate Truffles and Sour Cherries delivering an unmatched concentration of age defying antioxidants and bioflavonoids. Rehabilitate damaged skin and return firmness and smoothness. This facial is good enough to eat!

    New! Arctic Berry and Peptide Peel
    30 minutes | $50
    Extended 60 minute Facial | $80

    Awaken the skin’s natural inner beauty with the new Arctic Berry and Peptide Peel Illuminating treatment from Eminence Organics.Target aging, hyperpigmentation, sensitive, rosacea and acne prone skin. Transformation begins with a professional Enzyme Exfoliation, followed by a Pro Advanced Peel Activator which is a multi-acid 20%, naturally-derived activating peel. Each work in harmony with Eminence’s exclusive Peptide Radiance Cream to reveal the skin’s true luminosity.

    In just 4 weeks the results are astounding:

    • - Restores radiance 80%
    • - Reduces fine lines and wrinkles 80%
    • - Reduces dark spots 80%
    • - Improves dullness 100%
    Arctic Berry and Peptide Peel Package
    $320 (a $350 value)

    This innovative 3-step peel and peptide system allows you to receive 4 professional monthly treatments while being supported by a 12 week at-home routine to give your skin a completely fresh start.

    Package includes:

    • - 4 Arctic Berry Facial Peels (1x professional spa treatment per month for 4 months)
    • - 1 Arctic Berry Facial Peel & Peptide 12-week take home treatment
    Very ‘A Peeling’ Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel
    45 minutes | $65
    4 treatment pkg. | $240

    A glycolic based treatment that exfoliates and firms the skin. Gentler than chemical peels but very effective. Appropriate for all skin types except active acne.

    The Mini Facial
    30 minutes | $45

    Your ultimate lunch-time facial! It is a European facial minus the massage and limited extractions. A great way to ‘refresh’ your appearance!

    The Divine Wine Ultimate Facial
    90 minutes | $125

    All the best of the Organic Eminence products and protocols are included in this service! The elements of the signature facial is incorporated (hot towels, steam, Hungarian facial massage, arm and neck massage).

    In addition, it includes:

    • - Organic, luscious Champagne grape products that hydrate, exfoliate, tone and firm the skin. Mimosa Champagne Toner smells ‘divine'
    • - Four step Eye Treatment
    • - The three step Lip Trio exfoliates, plumps and hydrates the lips
    • - A sugar scrub on the hands and feet using the Mimosa Sugar Scrub and the Mimosa lotion to lock in hydration
    • - At the conclusion of this service, you will ask: “How often can I have this done?”
    Acne Control Facial
    45 minutes | $60
    60 minutes | $75

    This treatment is appropriate for treating clients of all ages to address issues common to acne such as pustules, blackheads, excessive redness, ph and moisture level imbalances. Specialized products are used and will make a noticeable improvement and help get acne under control. Best results are achieved with regular professional treatments as well as diligent at home care.

    Men’s Man-Scrub Facial
    50 minutes | $70

    Men have faces too! Facials for men are specifically formulated to male needs, which are often related to clogged pores, acne or dullness. I use masculine-scented products and a 2 step cleansing to deep clean the pores and slough away dead skin cells. The service also includes an invigorating arm, neck and shoulder massage.

    PCA Chemical Peels

    Chemical peels from PCA Skincare are ‘low dose’ solutions that allow clients to return to work the same day, if necessary, yet are very effective for treating one or more skin conditions. Chemical peels are the ultimate exfoliator and skin condition corrector.
    Peels are foundational: One is good, more are better as each chemical peel will go deeper and make a more noticeable difference.

    • * A consultation and skin patch test is required prior to any chemical peel. A consultation includes a thorough skin analysis as well as a skin patch test
    • ** Each chemical peel includes a post treatment product kit (a $35 value)
    Skin Scrubber Treatment

    The Skin Scrubber is an alternative to microdermabrasion, which can cause skin irritation and broken capillaries. The technology is similar to sonic-type toothbrushes and deep cleanses pores and sloughs off dead skin cells.

    Available as a:

    • - Single Treatment | $45
    • - 4 Treatment Package | $150
    • - Added to a Facial | $30
    Microcurrent Treatment

    Your skin benefits greatly from regular facials and professional products, but over time we all contend with...the sag. Microcurrent technology has the answer. NuFace – the only FDA cleared machine on the market – retrains facial muscles to provide a lift and firmness to your face you can’t get unless you go under the knife. You will see a visible difference with one treatment.

    Experience the difference it makes in the following ways:

    • - Single Treatment | $30
    • - 4 Treatment Package | $110
    • - Single Treatment Added to a Facial | $20
    Add-On Treatments

    • - Facial Hot Stone Add-On | $15
    • - Facial Boosters
      • -- Firming Acai | $5
      • -- Anti-Redness Arnica | $5
      • -- Stimulating Jalapeño | $5
      • -- Lightening Licorice Root | $5
      • -- Anti-Blemish Willow Bark | $5
    • - 4 Step Organic Eye Treatment | $15
    • - 3 Step Lip Treatment | $10
    • - Collagen Boosting Eye Treatment | $10
    • - Lash Tinting | $20
    • - Brow Tinting | $20
    • - Lash/Brow Tinting (combination) | $35

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  • Waxing Treatments

    • - Eyebrow | $18

    • - Lip or Chin | $8

    • - Full Face | $35+

    • - Bikini | $30+

    • - Lower leg | $25+

    • - Upper leg | $25+

    • - Full leg | $45+

    • - Underarms | $15

    • - Full arms | $30+

    • - Half arm | $20+

    • - Back | $35+

    • - Chest | $30+

    If you're interested in viewing a PDF version of my Esthetics menu, please click here.

  • Swedish Massage
    60 minutes | $70
    90 minutes | $100

    Relaxing, restorative massage, using long strokes to suit your specific needs and level of comfort. Light to medium pressure is applied according to your feedback.

    Deep Tissue Massage
    60 minutes | $75
    90 minutes | $105

    This style of massage uses strong pressure. Slow, deep strokes and friction are used to release chronic muscle tension. Loosens scar tissue and lengthens muscles. Medium to deep pressure is applied according to your feedback.

    Neuromuscular Massage
    60 minutes | $80
    90 minutes | $110

    Through the softening of trigger points, NMT aims to reduce chronic pain, increase range of motion, and correct postural distortions. Pressure can be intense, but will be moderated by your feedback. A full body massage may not be possible in a 60 minute session if the therapist needs to spend concentrated time on key area(s). A 90 minute session is recommended if you desire a full body massage.

    Hot Stone Massage
    60 minutes | $75
    90 minutes | $100

    The ultimate in relaxation! Heated basalt stones are used in conjunction with massage to melt away stress and achieve pain relief. The therapist will check in to insure stones are a comfortable temperature.

    Cupping Massage
    60 minutes | $75

    Negative pressure is used to create positive blood flow which speeds healing to areas of tension and immobility. This modality is recommended for clients who experience chronic pain where traditional massage has not been entirely helpful. Cupping is also indicated for areas of poor blood flow (the legs), cellulite, and to break up scar tissue. Clients generally experience decreased tension/increased mobility within 2 sessions, then transition between regular massage and cupping.

    Pregnancy Massage
    45 minutes | $60

    Mother–to-be will be comfortably positioned on her side with a body pillow while light to medium pressure is applied to areas of tension. Expectant mothers in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters, with no medical limitations, can receive this massage.

    Express Massage
    30 minutes | $40

    Designed for the busy person. Massage will focus on the client’s key areas of tension. Ahhh…just the answer for a busy schedule!


    A form of acupressure performed on specific areas of the feet. It can ease the discomfort of external pain or internal conditions. The client will experience a feeling of all over body balancing. Reflexology can be done as a stand-alone service or added to a massage or facial.

    • - Initial Session - 60 minutes | $70
    • - Follow Up Sessions - 45 minutes | $55
    Head, Neck, and Scalp Massage
    30 minutes | $35

    Facial Stone Massage
    30 minutes | $30

    We hold so much stress in our facial muscles. Warm facial stones melt away that tension and promote a feeling of all over relaxation. Ease the pain of a headache or sinus pressure. When added to a massage | $20

    Silky Feet Treatment
    30 minutes | $30

    This service starts with a thorough foot scrub, followed by a pumice scrub to the bottoms of the feet. A combination of Eminence Organic masques are then applied to the feet for super-hydration. While the products do their magic, a scalp massage is performed. A short foot massage concludes this service. When added to a massage | $20

    Deep Muscle Therapy
    Added to a Massage | $10

    A warming therapeutic oil and additional heat is applies to a specific area of body tension. After massaging the area, a cooling elixir is applied. This takes deep tissue work to new heights. Oooh, can you feel it?

    Cellulite Leg Treatment

    Cellulite has its causes, but it’s mainly genetics, and affects people (mostly women), of any age and size. This firming treatment begins with a photo and a tape measure. Through a multi-step process, cellulite is minimized and upper thighs and glutes become firmer. Eminence’s Lychee Leg Treatment, massage cups, lymph and fluid moving massage work together to provide results. Eminence Cinnamon Paprika lotion is applied at the conclusion of this service to continue the flushing of waste products. A minimum of six treatments are recommended for lasting results.

    • - 45 minutes | $55
    • - 6 Treatment Package (package discount price; also includes a full size Cinnamon Paprika lotion for at-home care) | $300

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